Rectangular Wall Hangings

These pieces are tricky to photograph.  Reflections of the surroundings always seem to appear in the photo to some degree.  And one photo can’t really convey what the artwork truly looks like because its appearance can change with the light or the viewing angle.

Most of our rectangular frames have been drilled to accommodate countersunk mounting screws.   The screw head can be hidden under a glass button which we generally supply with the hanging.

The vibrant parts of these wall hangings are made from dichroic glass.  The frames are grade 304 stainless steel.  Any adhesive used is water resistant.

The dimensions are approximate and generally refer to the frame size.

Special care is needed when packing these larger items for shipping.  Click here for more information about buying and shipping our larger work.

Most items shown on this website have been sold, but we may be able to create something similar if given enough time. Feel free to contact us at

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