Wall Hangings - General Information

Wall hangings are our most popular item.   The decorative glass may be mounted directly on a 304 grade stainless steel frame… or it may be fixed to a sheet of clear glass, which can either be mounted directly on a wall… or on to a steel frame.

A single photo of a piece of dichroic glass art does not capture its full nature, and colours are ‘seen’ differently by individual cameras and viewing devices.  Furthermore, differing angles of view often create an apparent change of colour when looking at dichroic work.  The angle, type and intensity of light can have a significant effect on the way a dichroic piece can look.  It is a challenge to take good photos of our glass art.  We’ve experimented with all sorts of things, but often a simple ‘snap’ taken with a cell phone is often as good as any other option we’ve tried. We prefer to show our work in honest ‘normal’ surroundings rather than using studio methods and digital editing.   It seems that to really get to know and appreciate the art work you have to spend time with it.  But if you can’t see the art work in person, a video can be a good way to get a hint of what it is really like:  JackieMac video.

Any dimensions shown are approximate.

Toughened Glass

We make our larger glass ‘pictures’ by mounting the decorative dichroic elements on a sheet of clear glass.  The glass is fixed to the frame with adhesive or with bolts.  The bolts pass through holes drilled in the glass.  Drilled glass can be mounted on a steel frame, or fixed directly to ‘stand off’ brackets that are screwed to a wall.  The sheet glass we have mostly used is 4mm clear ‘standard’ glass.  We are able to drill the holes through standard glass ourselves to suit our requirements.   Sometimes it may be wiser to use toughened glass for mounting our work. Holes have to be drilled before the glass is toughened , so to save time we get the supplier to do the drilling.  Using toughened glass adds to the cost of the art work.  Because of the risks involved, we prefer to make larger pieces using toughened glass when the works have to be shipped.

Buying and Shipping our Work

The works shown here may have been sold, but we are always creating new items.  While the basic design of many pieces can be similar, we can’t produce totally identical work because of the variation in our materials and process.  If you like something you see here or on  Facebook that is no longer available, we can create something similar for you.  (Our Facebook page may show items that aren’t on this website).  We can work with customers to ship certain items within NZ and overseas.  We accept payment by direct credit or PayPal.   If you don’t have a PayPal account, it may still be possible to use the PayPal service as a guest if you have a credit card (it is a simple process).  Feel free to email us at jackiemacnz@gmail.com

Our smaller pieces are relatively robust and easy to pack for shipping.  Larger pieces require special packing, and this results in higher shipping costs.  We can use toughened glass for larger custom work if shipping is necessary.  We like to use our local Pack & Send courier specialists who can guarantee the shipment if they pack the goods.  We also send with NZ Post… who state that goods have to be packed to survive a 1.2 metre fall, which is a tough condition when a large glass object has to be shipped.